Diving into a yoga experience with Jacqui is nothing short of a magical journey through mind, body and soul. It’s seldom i find a yoga teacher who inspires me to go such deep energetic depths into my heart on the mat. Jacqui encourages feeling and healing, and is extremely dedicated to the powerful theme’s she creates herself for each class. An experience with Jacqui is so much more than just a yoga class. No class is ever nearly the same, as she is always sharing from a deep place in her heart space. It’s obvious she does the hard work that she preaches, she truly embodies her knowledge, in this way it always comes across clearly and with such passion. Ive experienced heart wrenching tears of release, laughter, bliss, and overall gratitude and peace by the end of my classes with her. She holds beautiful safe space and encourages you to feel and own your own unique experience on the mat. I am truly inspired by her vulnerability and courage to speak her truth and help others feel and speak theirs. I am so grateful to have a teacher like her in my life

Hannah Devries