Hello, dear one and many thanks for visiting my page. 

My name is Jacqui and it is with great pleasure that I offer you my full presence and support on your healing journey. 

I am a passionate yoga and meditation teacher, women's circle/ workshop facilitator and Transpersonal Counsellor based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 

I was first introduced to yoga in a state of desperation after suffering from severe depression and multiple diagnoses for at least ten years.

Contrary to my belief at the time, yoga was not the aesthetically perfect, competitive exercise as depicted on social media. Instead I experienced a vehicle of connection, self inquiry and acceptance to bring me back home to myself. And thus, the exploration of deeper healing and understanding ensued. 

After spending 28 days in a holistic mental health rehabilitation centre that quite literally saved my life, I was introduced to an alternative way of viewing my mental "illnesses". I was offered the care, grace, compassion and understanding that I was in fact, NOT broken. 


Mental states of depression, anxiety, addiction or distress are simply something you are doing, it does not encapsulate the essence of who you are.

It is my intention to offer you the resources and compassion to allow yourself to return to your true nature; inherently well and content.

The power to heal resides within you. It is my honour to guide you on the journey back home to yourself. 

With an open heart and the warmest of blessings, 

Jacqui xx